Monday, October 25, 2010

The New commercial

As a critic to the new era NBA "KING," there is only one safe and legit way to do this. I hate that man, and his legacy. This commercial is just another attempt to save the little man hood resumes in the "KING." It is a nice commercial I would like it if it was not him. In the commercial you see one shoe, and you I do not see anything else advertised now as TV watcher I see every commercial selling a product. I see a show one time, so what is NIKE selling, well there is no need to sell the brand, it is already the biggest sports fit wear gear in the world. So now that I see ONE SHOE, NOTHING ELSE ADVERTISED, this means only one thing the man is selling himself, he try to sell reasons on why what he has done is legit. He wants all of his haters and lovers to say, " well maybe LeBron shouldnt care what we think," well we all do. The man is a prostitute he is selling himself to make a quick buck and to save himself. I cannot say I have a ounce of respect for the man, and I hope to never see him advertise us ripping down a banner of him, because it should have never of been there. He did listen to his friends, people will go to the hall of fame dinner, Chuck does hate him, and he loves Miami. LeBron step up and stop playing the victum, we know you love yourself and everything you have done. P.S yes you should get rid of the tattoo.

Thursday, October 21, 2010


I greatly apologize to anyone who was offended by Tweet. Using a racial slur was not right, and immature. I was not thinking of other people when writing the tweet. I do not hate anyone of any certain race. LeBron James asked to send him hate, so I thought of the most disrespectful thing possible. I do not like the publicity being made about me and this issue. I am not a racist, and most of you know that. My anger for what LeBron did to me, this city, and all my family and friends got the best of me. I pray every year for cleveland to win a championship and those hopes were crushed and rubbed in our faces. Using a racial slur was not the correct way to do it and I apologize. Thank you.  Ryan Outrich